Audio Bombing is an alternative form of graffiti which uses magnetic audio tape as its medium. Drawing from hip hop and graffiti culture Audio Bombing starts with a basic cassette tape. Using a tape recorder you can record any information you want on to the cassette (music, poems, philosophy, subversive literature, etc.). After recording you remove the tape and cut out the segments that you want to use. Then take your tape segments and go tag whatever you want (buildings, benches, posters, buses, etc.). Using the augmented playhead spray can you can listen to the tags by running the playhead over the tape.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Siebel Center Test Run

Once the group reconvened in Siebel Center with both the modified tape player and the tape full of clips, we went apart putting two and two together and tested the player.

Seeing it work by hand rolling the tape, we cracked open the casing and taped it up along one of the whiteboards and started testing it.

The videos that follow mostly speak for themselves, though there are a few issues that we found worth.
The one worth noting is that the tape needs to be taught, but also have enough room to pass something, such as a fingernail, below the tape as a standoff, similar to the pad inside of a cassette tape body.
Other than that, just pass the reader head back and forth along the tape, and try varying speeds to get different effects.

Experimental Music Studio

Kang got in contact with his friend, who could get us into the Experimental Music Studio in the Music Building.
He and Mike tried playing with some of the equipment in the studio, including the reel to reel.

Only one problem with this: reel to reel and standard cassette aren't the same format.
They not only should run at different speeds, which we can account for, but they're also of different width.

So, despite managing to destroy one of our tapes, they eventually got everything recorded that we wanted, and they also took some cool pictures at the studio.